People Management & Communication Skills

People Management and Communication Skills


The People Management and Communication Skills training programme is a practical workshop focused on enhancing interpersonal and communication skills, for improved professional relationships.


Interpersonal Skills


  • International research on EQ and business effectiveness
  • Increasing understanding of yourself and those with whom you work
  • Understanding and accepting  other people’s styles

  • Understanding and adjusting your own style and becoming more versatile
  • Strategies for working effectively with other styles

Diagnosing interpersonal skill based problems

  • Case studies and problem solving

Adult Positioning

  • Child behaviour in business
  • Parental behaviour in business

Professionalism in office relationships

  • Dealing with office politics


Making communication work for you

  • The importance of communication
  • How communication works
  • Effective and ineffective communication
  • Achieving communication objectives
  • Your communication profile
  • Neglected areas of communication: case studies in listening
  • Clarifying needs and expectations


The key to achieving your potential and developing your people skills

  • Unassertive communication
  • Aggressive communication
  • Assertive communication – with strategies and practice

Building communication skills

  • Dealing with conflict
  • Feedback: giving and receiving negative feedback and criticism
  • Feedback: case studies and guidelines for feedback and appraisals

Costs and Duration

The course duration is one and a half days. However, other modules such as time management can be added or some content can be removed and the time period adjusted accordingly.

The course costs R20 000.00 for a maximum of 25 delegates attending.

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