Client Counselling

Client Counselling

Who should do this course

Second and third year Law Graduates who are introduced to the professional environment of Legal Practise.



The programme runs for two weeks at a time during which period students primarily learn through jobshadowing Professionals in different departments.

In order to develop professional confidence and provide job experience within a defined structure, the Client Counselling Programme has been introduced.


Course content

  • On the first day, a short discussion is held in the morning on the case study for the Client Counselling Competition.  This case study should ideally entail subject matter that is not an area of practice at the firm e.g. Criminal work, Matrimonial and Divorce matters, etc.
  • A written case study is handed to the Law Graduates with a short instruction sheet on what they are expected to research, write, draft, etc.
  • The Law Graduate is encouraged to draw up a Consultation Checklist to make use of during the consultation that will take place another day in the programme.
  • The Law Graduate will also be instructed to write a letter based on this case study which can be assessed and made use of as an example of their English writing and planning ability.  This is also useful as one of the recruitment tools if it should be needed.
  • A schedule for the relevant times that each team is expected to consult with the chosen client on the client counseling will also be distributed.
  • A client will be chosen and briefed on the case study and will consult with ALL of the teams during the competition on the counseling date.
  • The group of Vacation Clerks will have the opportunity to choose a teammate as the Competition necessitates them to consult in teams of two (2).
  • A short Assessment Checklist will be distributed and explained to the learners as well as the three (3) Judges of the Competition.  This signed assessment will be a useful assessment tool for recruitment and can be used if it should be required.
  • Three judges will be nominated from the Education Committee / Recruitment Committee / External English Assessor or which ever body is appropriate.
  • The Law Graduates are given tips on how to deal with a difficult client and given the opportunity to set up a meeting room and print themselves business cards to distribute during the consultation if they want to.  These cards must be developed bearing the Law Society Guidelines in mind.
  • On the counseling date a short discussion is held with the law graduate on the procedure of the competition and they are motivated fully in order to make the competition worth while.
  • Certificates and prizes for achievement will be distributed once the final assessment has been completed.
  • A group feedback session on areas of developments is held with the entire group at the end of the counseling day.
  • A full second day is spent presenting individual and team feedback sessions following the counseling day.


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